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Modern Kitchen

The client was struggling to find a supplier to invest time with them in the design process. She knew what she wanted in terms of styles and materials. For me this was an easy process all I had to do listen to the client, work up the drawings and show that I was genuinely interested. Aneta and Dave are very happy with their “dream kitchen” and I have since won a commission from another family member.

Ross was extremely professional in his approach to designing, making and installing our dream
kitchen. In addition, Ross knows how to connect with his customers and will always oblige with queries no matter how small. We will definitely have Ross back to carry out more of his innovative work in thefuture as our kitchen is true work of art and is now the centre piece of our home. Thank you Ross, yourattention to detail was second to none and you're a true craftsman.


Aneta & Dave Buckley

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